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Your robotic lawn mowing assistant

Introducing a robotic mower that can mow the lawn while you edge, trim and blow!

Lease it just like a regular ZTR or ride-on mower
  • Affordable daily/ weekly / monthly leases are available starting from $70/ day

  • No setup, no maintenance and no hiring hassles

  • Double your efficiency without adding another crew member

About Us

We're a robotics company based out of Virginia, USA. We're a team of engineers and turf care experts - with decades in the lawn maintenance - having mowed thousands of lawns and built our own custom mowers ...

In spring 2019, we're going to be launching a fleet of super-affordable robotic mower assistants to help lawn care operators improve their profitability.

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* Based on reasonable operating assumptions. Your results may vary.

** Price will vary based on minimum lease duration